About Sonja Shear Coaching and Consulting 

Sonja Shear Coaching and Consulting started operating in 2014. The business was born out of Sonja Shear's passion for driving people to reach their full potential in their business and personal life. 

Sonja Shear Coaching and Consulting initially offered business coaching and consulting services to the small and medium enterprise. At the time the vision was to impart as much experience and hands-on support to this segment of the market and to aid businesses in achieving profitable growth. We understood that many business owners needed a clear direction, a sounding board, someone to hold them accountable for their actions and to continue to move them forward. Driven by the standard coaching practice of finding your power from within, while having a coach or mentor to guide you on your path to personal power and success, we continued our coaching journey.

We have been incremental in business turnaround for many entrepreneurs and have seen businesses move from stagnating or on the verge of failure to booming success.  

As a result of the success seen in the small and medium enterprise business segment, the company expanded into executive coaching, mentoring and professional life coaching. 

As part of developing executives, business owners and leaders in the business environment we understand the importance of leading yourself to influence others and reach success. As a result of our work done in this area of business we aimed to make leadership development a core focus of our business. To this end, we offer a selection of leadership development and emotional intelligence programmes.

Because we want to ensure our future leaders start their evolution from a young age, the company recently expanded its offering into career coaching, scholar leadership and emotional intelligence programmes focused on high schools across the country.

 Why are we in business?  Our Vision is to drive change in individuals and the business marketplace which is linked to tangible results.

 We achieve our "Why" through a selection of Leadership Development programmes, Coaching in Business, Team Development programmes, Professional Life Coaching, Business mentoring and hands-on consulting programmes. 

Sonja Shear Coaching and Consulting live by our values of; 

  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Empowerment

 We are inspired by seeing others achieve success, and we continue to provide best in class programmes and service to the industry and individuals.